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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Great Concept, but Practice, Practice, Practice!

The concept of this game is really good, and the interactivity is another of the more positive traits. The graphics, however, were a little lacking. I could tell you were going for the gritty, gothic look with the hand-drawn artwork, but the cheesier morsels of Flash animation (The Angel Of Death's mouth, for example) lean toward the possibility that you're afraid to learn a little Flash technique. Also: I noticed some problems with the Skip Intro button. I'm guessing you typed the text and made it a button symbol. That never works as the button instance will only be applied to the letters themselves...not to the spaces in between. Buttons like that are irritatingly difficult to use. Either add an invisible background in the button or add the link to the text via the Properties panel.

Other than those critiques, I say it's a worthy effort. Just keep working on it!

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Flyborg responds:

Actually I normally add the invisible background, but in that exact case, I didn't want it to be too easy to press it by accident, and I noticed most "skip intro" buttons look like that.